Servicio de Call Center Colombia

We are a qualified human team for making follow-up contacts of investigations trials participants, with this people you can find the perfect profile for being delegated in agreement to parameters of study, additionally EPI Contact is an independent company of study center that leads the study, it offers you an unbiased and impartial service, allowing that data obtained are real and reliable.

Activities follow-up

that participants should comply and data entry services into electronics bases of trials.

Calls for seven days of week

We have a call center services during seven days of week, which makes it easier that program the follow-up calls to participants in research projects in an easy and timely way in agreement with our client’s needs.

Follow-up to participants of research projects

With use of technological tools that add a big value to our attention model, as the information obtained during calls will be duly stored and available for audits of control insitutions of easy an immediate way with possibility that it is possible to validate always that you require to see the traceability during the project execution.